Anatomy texts might not show it, but the greatest soul music leaves no doubt that the hip bone is directly connected to the heart – a fact that’s driven home in every note laid down by Armenchik. As he proved on his first record at the age of 15, Armen & Nor Seround, Armenchik would be a performer to be reckoned with; his voice would be his gold ticket to success. After 11 hit records and a sold out world tour, Armenchik can say he has truly arrived.


Born in Yerevan, Armenia, in 1980, Armen Gondrachyan would later be known to millions as Armenchik. By the age of seven, largely in part because his father is also a singer, Armen knew his calling in life was to sing. His family moved to the United States in 1989 and thenceforth, Armen worked hard at solidifying the gift he had been given. After the success of his first album, Armen moved back to Armenia to record a follow-up album. Armen, Memories from Armenia proved to immediately escalate Armen’s status as a solidified international singer. Upon returning to the states, Armen began performing throughout Southern California. From the beginnings at the Alex Theatre in Glendale, CA., to selling out the impressive Kodak and Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, Armen’s reign as a performer has evolved into a massive career. His following records have been deemed best selling albums, including Anunt Inche, Havatam Te che, The Road, and Gone Gone. As one fan said, “Armen is a trailblazer. He carved a niche into superstardom.”


In 2003, Armen set his eyes on another endeavor: creating his own record label, Armen Entertainment Corporation. As a self-made man, Armen succeeded in creating an independent label to produce and distribute his work, including albums and DVDs, highlighting his show stopping performances. With a private label, 11 albums, and a worldwide roster of concerts, Armen continued to advance his life. And in 2010, he married the love of his life. He continues to go by Armenchik as the nickname is both special and significant to his life’s achievements. With his label in tow, he has plans to continue releasing music and performing colossal shows over the world. In 2011, he has both a Canadian and Russian tour on schedule.


His success is attributed to his incredibly talented voice, as well as his passion and commitment to music. “I have a gift and I feel I’m doing something very important. Singing is my whole life and every day,” Armenchik said, “I just do my job.” His job, then, is to move the masses with his music. After nearly fifteen years in the business, Armenchik will continue to create his own bright and enormously successful path.

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